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Eletra Digital Scanner

Modern Dental Canada, a Lab Network that you can trust, is dedicated to simplifying digital dentistry for you and your patients.

Our Eletra Scanner and laptop will help you streamline your workflow with higher accuracy and satisfaction!

With an Eletra Scanner and Laptop, you will be able to:

  1. Experience our fast, lightweight digital intraoral scanner. Eletra is precise, sleek, and easy-to-use.

  2. Simplify process and communication. Streamline the process of sending digital impressions to our lab, while allowing you to connect directly with our technicians.

  3. Capture hard-to-reach areas and deliver high-quality images. Eletra’s high-quality images enable the fabrication of accurate restorations.

  4. Connect with our Digital Support Services. Get support from our team of experts specially trained to help with all your digital scanning needs.

Eletra Smart Highlights


Sleek and Light
Just 138g in weight and only 221 x 27 x 25 mm in size.


Fast and Precise
Experience the 1-min ultra-fast scan and 7µm ultra-high accuracy.


Plug and Play
No power adapter needed.


Slim Tip
Designed slim with 50-100 autoclaving cycles. 


Quiet Cooling
Provides a relaxing and stress-free experience.


Motion Sensor
Synchronize the movements of the 3D image on screen with its motion sensor.


One Button Operation
Control by clicking or pressing various actions purely with a single button.


Anti-fogging Technology
Lens fogging prevention with its innovative instant heating technology.

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