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Ivotion Milled Digital Dentures

A monolithic solution designed and milled with digital accuracy and superior in all aspects of fit, form, and occlusion. Our specialized removable prosthetics team will case plan and collaborate with your office through a highly efficient workflow. As a final step, our technicians' artistic touch finishes every Ivotion denture to accomplish the life-like aesthetics that your patients will love.

Printed Digital Dentures

Fully-edentulous patients now have the option to receive the latest in technology through digitally designed printed dentures from MicroDental. With the experience of our highly skilled technicians, these complete prosthetic restorations are designed to be true personalized digital dentures.

Digital Nightguards

Modern Dental’s line of digital orthotics includes occlusal devices and nightguards. Dental occlusal devices are necessary for patients with TMD syndrome or severe parafunctional problems. Nightguards provide relief for patients with bruxism while helping to protect their existing dental restorations.

ReSure™ Transparent Partials

ReSure partial dentures are our newest, most comfortable alternative to cast partial frameworks yet. It is monomer free which makes it resistant to staining and odors, as well as reducing the risk of allergic reactions from patients.

Flexible Partials

Flexible partials are a premium product that offer the benefits of superior esthetics, comfort, function and bio-compatibility. With options for clear clasps that surround the natural teeth, these partials are an esthetic option for partially-edentulous patients.

Cr/Co or Titanium Partial Denture

The structure of these metal partials includes framework that is waxed, then cast with well adapted casting rendering superior adaptation. It is later formed with wax and set teeth in position, heat cured under pressure, and stippled.

Temporary Acrylic Partial

This restoration is geared towards a transitional solution for partially edentulous patients. Often used for missing teeth in a growing child or adolescent, or as a temporary for implant placement, these partials are made of acrylic framework only.

Other Removable Solutions

DurAcetal® is a durable aesthetic metal-free acetyl resin alternative to metal partials. It possesses high tensile & shock strength with excellent resiliency, allowing the appliance to flex over extreme undercuts, while still providing a comfortable fit. DurAcetal® is available in an array of tooth and tissue-colored clasps that exhibit incredible color stability.

Full Acrylic Denture

These Dentures are designed to restore and replace all missing teeth, and are press packed and heat cured. Heat curing provides the maximum strength and fit, and the restoration is retained by the peripheral seal.

Talon® Hard/Soft Guard

This nightguard is processed with normal hard acrylic on the occlusal surface and a soft thermoplastic that is bonded to the inside. It is very comfortable with good retention and therefore patient compliance is very high.

Sport Guard

Fabricated from sturdy yet pliable materials, with the goal of safety for the teeth of athletes. This product is available in several different types of styles to suit your patient’s needs, from single-layered to triple-layered with multiple different color schemes.

Hard Acrylic Night Guard

Designed to protect the dentition, the Hard Night Guard can be worn during the day or at night to provide occlusal comfort. Fabricated for precise fit, and providing maximum rigidity and strength. Not recommended for patients with cosmetic restorations.

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