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  • To set up a new account, please fill out New Account Form and email it to us. We are also available to help you over the phone.
  • Prepare Rx form for our laboratory

Send a Digital Impression

Digital Impression

    1. First time user? Fill out our New Account Form. If you already have an account, please connect with us. 
    2. Submit the Rx form with instructions for your case.
    3. Send a digital impression following the instructions of the IOS System that you use. 

Email us at with the case number for any additional photos. 

• Go to
• Login to your Meditlink Account
• Click on PARTNERS, then “INVITE PARTNER” (upper right hand side). Enter our email address
• We will accept and then we are connected!

• Call 800.577.8767
• Select Option 1, then Option 1
• Request to add Modern Dental Lab Vancouver to scanner
• Provide the lab ID: #248205
• On the scanner, go to settings and select “Sync configuration”

• Go to
• Login or Sign up. 
• Go to the “Connections” tab, then click “Add Connection”.
• Connect with Modern Dental Canada by inviting our email: 

• Contact 3M Support at 800.634.2249
• Select Option 3
• Select Option 1 and request Modern Dental Canada to be added to your scanner
• 3M will then confirm with Modern Dental Canada and add connection remotely

• Go to
• On the top right side, add partners by entering email:

• Go to
• Add lab, find Modern Dental Laboratory Canada via zipcode V5M 1C2 

• Please contact as at or call at 800.361.6699 to add and connect the scanner. We’ll be more than happy to assist!

Send a Traditional Impression

Traditional impressions or model case

      1. If you are a new user, please fill out the New Account Form. If you already have an account, please connect with us.
      2. Once your account has been activated, you will receive a Shipping Kit, which includes a case box, shipping bag, mailing label, and the contact information of our preferred pick-up / delivery courier. The Shipping Kit will be delivered to your office usually the next business day, depending on your location.
      3. Download the Rx form, complete and sign the form. Attach the form OUTSIDE of the biohazard bag. 
      4. Pack your sanitized impression and bite in a biohazard bag/zip bag. Use bubble wrap for models before placing them into the bag. Put small parts in vial/envelop.
      5. You can put multiple cases in one box, staple the RX form to the corresponding impression. DO NOT put the prescription form inside the bag.
      6. When you’re ready, call our preferred pick-up courier to pick up your case. Make sure to include the impressions/model case, completed prescription form (Rx), and the full set of the shipping kit.

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Download RX Form

Vancouver, Canada
Phone: 800-361-6699

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