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Digital Nightguards

Modern Dental’s line of digital orthotics includes occlusal devices and nightguards.

Dental occlusal devices are necessary for patients with TMD syndrome or severe parafunctional problems. Nightguards provide relief for patients with bruxism while helping to protect their existing dental restorations.

The clinical data from your IOS, traditional impressions, and records are used to design the desired occlusal device digitally, then 3D printed using KeySplint Soft material. This revolutionary material is hard enough for a functional occlusal device while soft enough to provide your patient with the desired comfort and durability.

State of the art additive printing technology.
Printed in batches for speed and efficient delivery.

  • Digital accuracy

  • Ability to reprint from design strength and flexibility

  • Biocompatible material

  • Enhanced patient comfort

  • Stain and fracture resistant

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