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  • Triple-Layered Material
  • Progressive Force Concept
  • TrioDim Force Technology
  • Increased Gingival Coverage
  • Minimal Attachments
  • TrioClear iDesign Software
  • Pre-Made Buttons Directly on Aligner
  • Supports Oral Health Safety
  • Health Canada Approved


Let Your Smile Shine

TrioClear is an innovative, triple-layered clear aligner designed to improve the process of orthodontic treatment and your patient’s smile. The aligners are nearly invisible and provide a comfortable fit, elastic force retention, and stain and tear resistance.

A rotation of Soft and Hard trays is used in every treatment plan to shift the teeth gradually. Combined with the TrioDim Force™ Technology, TrioClear aligners stay in place with minimal attachments, offering a unique solution that enhances workflow and saves chair time.

Rotation reference diagram
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