Why TikTok and Instagram Reels is the Future of Dental Video Marketing

Everyone in the dental marketing space is talking about dental video marketing. Why? Why is video so crucial in dental marketing efforts? In this post, we’ll discuss why video is essential, which software and platforms to use, and we’ll give you tons of great dental video ideas and examples. 

In addition, we’ve created a TikTok and Instagram Reels eBook with even more ideas. No time to waste. Let’s get started!


Why is Video so Flippin’ Important?


Fig 0. Results of Pandemic


According to recent research by Wyzowl, consumers spend an average of 16 hours watching online videos every week, a 52% increase in the last two years. 

Consumers also have reported that they want to watch branded content, and in 2020, 86% of consumers said they’d want to see more videos created by brands. 

Additional research studies support the idea that dental video content is better than other forms of content at educating and attracting consumers. 

Fig 1. Video Content is Awesome Statistics


Videos explain information more quickly, and they also have the ability to relay subtext, irony, humor, and attention-grabbing elements, better than text. You can make almost any topic fun and more interesting with video.

Last year Mark Zuckerberg said…

Fig 2. Zuckerberg Video Content Quote


Social media sharing has forever altered digital dental marketing. The value of creating video content that is engaging and shared by your patients online ends up saving you marketing costs over paid advertising. 

You have a choice to either create video content that will be shared online or pay an advertising cost to push non-creative, non-engaging content to the top of a consumer’s feed. To be clear, unless you have engaging content, you’ll have to pay for people to see it. When you start creating online content, the best of both worlds is, to begin with, great video content and then use paid advertising to help promote. Not the other way around. 

Which Hardware and Software to Use?

Video Hardware: There is absolutely no reason to lug around a high-end digital camera or rent a studio. Your mobile phone camera (if you have a phone that’s been purchased in the last few years) will shoot at a resolution well beyond what is required online. 

And let’s be honest, you’ve got so much on your plate that you probably don’t have time to do much more than pull your phone out of your pocket and shoot something on the fly. 

Video Software: You’re not going to need intense editing software. The video editors in Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube have all the options that you’re going to need. 

Which Distribution Channels Should You Use?

You want to distribute your content on the platforms that your local community is using. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube are the best places to start. 

Did I just hear someone say, ‘What about Twitter and Pinterest?

Twitter is more of a news outlet. Think about it. Do you go to Twitter to find information about a local small business? The same goes for Pinterest. Although I would say that behind the four platforms I’ve mentioned above, Pinterest would be my fifth favorite distribution channel.

How to Begin With Video Dental Marketing?

Let’s Start with Instagram

Instagram is definitely a place you want to focus on. Many practices focus on Instagram over Facebook, although we recommend publishing to both platforms. 

There are a few ways to post on Instagram.


Visually tell your practice story and showcase your team, patients, and services. Inspire potential patients to connect with your practice.

Fig 3. Instagram Feed Posts


Allows you to share moments from your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. Multiple photos and videos appear together in a slideshow format title, your story. They disappear in 24 hours. 

Fig 4. Instagram Stories


Allows you to broadcast to your followers in real-time. They are used by more than 100 million people a day.

Fig 5. Instagram Live


Reels are short, entertaining videos that allow you to express your practice culture, creativity, and brand. 

Fig 6. Instagram Reels

Now Let’s Take a Look at TikTok

TikTok is a rising star in social media platforms and, according to some reports, the fastest growing social media app. It’s built a massive database of users and managed not to be clobbered or bought by Facebook (Meta). Take a look at the active users on Tiktok.

Fig 7. Active Users on TikTok

Here is the increase in app downloads over time.

Fig 8. TikTok App Downloads

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing application. It allows you to make quick 60 second videos about your practice culture, team, patients, and oral education. 

Fig 9. What is TikTok

TikTok and Instagram are All the Rage, but Don’t Forget About Facebook.

Almost everyone has a Facebook page. It’s a stalwart in dental social media marketing. Routinely we see client practices effectively find new patients with Facebook. 

There are a few ways that you can publish videos on Facebook. 


Unlike your profile picture, your Facebook cover photo is a large banner graphic across the top of your page and appears on your timeline. They also allow you to upload a video here, which is a great place to make a good first impression. 

Fig 10. Facebook Cover Photo


Feed posts are a constant update section of photos and videos on your Facebook homepage. You want to post custom, authentic content to your feed.

Fig 11. Facebook Feed Posts


A great way to connect with your followers and share photos and short videos. 

Fig 12. Facebook Stories


Live allows you to live stream, and anyone can watch via phone, computer, or connected TV.

Fig 13. Facebook Live

What About Youtube Shorts?

Recently Youtube Shorts was launched; this is not the material covering your thighs. Youtube Shorts is a short form, a vertical video platform that allows anyone to create content with their smartphone. 

Fig 14. What is YouTube Shorts


Most of your potential patients don’t go to Youtube to learn about your practice. So, building an audience here may not be the best use of your time.

However, Youtube is owned by Google, and Google controls more than 90% of all search traffic. And guess what, Youtube short videos can show up in the search results. 

So if you want to be found in a Google search, using Youtube Shorts is a great idea. It’s super helpful in ranking higher and more often in search results. 

Here are 5 Short-Form Video Ideas that You Can Post Online Today!

1. Did You Know? – Share a dental-related fact and do it in an entertaining way.


2. A Day In The Life – Show behind-the-scenes transparency of what you do every day for your patients.


3. Lip Sync – Have a little fun by showing your practice’s playful side.


4. Show A Procedure – Use quick cuts and timelapse videos to explain a lengthy procedure quickly.


5. Before And Afters – Overlay a song where you can cut from the before to the after on the beat drop.


Need Help With Your Video Marketing?

Our partner My Social Practice has a great team of outstanding dental video marketers and trending ideas to help you stay on top of your marketing. If you’d like to learn more about video marketing, you can contact them HERE or ask them to host an education webinar.

About the Author

Blake Hadley is President at My Social Practice. He’s a graduate of the advertising program at Brigham Young University and has won a number of national and international awards in art direction, advertising, and creative marketing strategy. He is passionate about helping dental practices (and businesses) use out-of-the-box thinking to create stories that spread online.

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