Compassionate Dental Marketing: Why Giving Practices Grow

Charitable giving is a valuable way to promote your practice and fuel practice growth. Today’s patients, especially millennials, are more conscientious consumers than any generation before them. They want to know they’re receiving high-quality services from companies with good labor practices and respect for their customers. What does this mean for a local dental practice?

Advantages of Digital Removable Prosthodontics

The advantage of digital removable prosthetics is the ability to view collected clinical data such as terminal dentition, ridge relationship, prosthetic condition, prosthetic space, anatomical landmarks, anterior esthetics, and functional occlusion from various perspectives before treatment has begun. This clinical data is collected from an intra-oral scanner (IOS) or by scanning physical impressions or models.

Clinical Factors to Consider When Choosing A Material For An Anterior Crown

Based on a 2016 survey of US dentists, most anterior crowns are fabricated from either monolithic lithium disilicate (i.e., e.max) or porcelain fused to zirconia. (1) Since the time of that survey, the use of monolithic 4 or 5 mol% yttria-containing translucent zirconia (4Y or 5Y) has also become popular. In the absence of a technician’s preference, several clinical factors must be considered before prescribing restorative material.

What Do You Do if Your Bonded Ceramic Crown Falls Off?

“Can you re-glue my crown on doc?” your patient asks as he hands you a small wad of tissue paper. Many times, we unwrap that tissue paper only to discover a crown filled with the build-up and fragments of a tooth fractured to the gingival margin. Occasionally, however, an intact ceramic crown will be present with only some residual resin cement stuck to its intaglio surface.

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